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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not here, please contact us. We can usually provide an answer within 24 hours.

If I join FCAVBR do I get a special discount with a funeral home?

No. We work for fair and reasonable prices for all. Our surveys help you shop smart.

What is the least expensive choice for body disposition?

Home funeral/home burial can be no cost. Body donation is no cost to the family. Direct cremation or immediate burial are the lower-cost choices.

The funeral home I used required embalming, was that correct?

There is no law in Virginia that requires embalming. However, funeral homes may require it for public viewing. This is one of the things that can be negotiated at the time of engaging a funeral home. Refrigeration works well for several days and you don't have to call a funeral home immediately. Have a home viewing in the first day or two.

Are home burials allowed where I live?

Ordinances differ from place to place. Most places in southwest Virginia have no restrictions. Often the county administrator of city manager may not be aware of regulations regarding burial. Check out Municode Library: Virginia which has the local codes in Virginia.

Is it difficult to care for the dead without using a funeral home? 

It isn't difficult, but it does take some planning. The death certificate must be filled out correctly and filed with the local health department within 72 hours of death. Burial arrangements must be made either with a private cemetery, on private land, or with a purchased plot.

Is cremation the best choice for my carbon footprint?

No, cremation uses about 4,400 megajoules. Burial in a cotton shroud uses less than 100.

Do I have to buy an expensive casket?

You can bury someone in an alternative container (one that is used for cremation). They are hundreds of dollars less than the least expensive casket. Many cemeteries do not require any casket, but most require a vault or outer burial container. Consider using no casket or make your own. We have plans that are easy to follow.

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