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Benefits of Membership

  • OBJECTIVITY. You get advice from a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.

  • DIGNITY. You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.

  • CONFIDENCE. You are able to shop for services with full knowledge of your consumer rights.

  • KNOWLEDGE. You become an educated consumer, receiving more for your funeral dollar while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • INFORMATION. Members receive convenient comparison price shopping survey reports.

  • SECURITY. You enjoy the convenience of pre-planning without the risks of pre-payment.

  • PEACE OF MIND. You are given the opportunity to discuss an important topic with family or friends while you are still healthy.

  • CARING. You leave behind a final gift, sparing your loved ones the stress of making difficult decisions during a time of grief.


Suggested Membership Donation

  • $25 Single Membership

  • $30 Household Membership

  • $20 Transfer Membership

Your donations help support our advocacy programs and campaigns. Your contribution is tax deductible. The FCAVBR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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If you prefer not to use our secure Paypal, you can download, fill out, and mail in your form with a check. The form is a PDF file that can be filled out in most browsers or, after download, in Acrobat Reader. Link to this form.

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